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What is a Referencing Style?

While undertaking any form of academic writing, the citing of sources is must. It is usually used to explain what all inspiration you as a student has drawn from other scholarly work. However, referencing can get you confused due to its variety of referencing type within one referencing style. For example, APA follows distinct type of referencing for online journals with one author, which is different from the referencing used for e-books. Similarly, single author as well as multiple authors have unique form of referencing.

There are numerous referencing styles a student needs to choose from, while writing any academic paper.

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Here is a referencing guide for the few referencing styles that are explained below along with some referencing examples:

1. Harvard Referencing style: Harvard referencing, also called ‘author-date’ style, follows a specific arrangement for citing relevant sources. The variation isminor , but very significant like use of punctuation or abbreviations.Therefore, one needs to be very careful while referencing and in-text citation.


Harvard Referencing style

2. APA Referencing style: APA is quite similar to Harvard style like use of parentheses in with brief author-date citations in the body of assignment and complete citation in the reference list. It is mostly used in writing scientific literature in various formats like research papers, term papers, literature reviews etc.


refrencing style A3. MLA referencing style: MLA style was created by the Modern Language Association. It is a short style essentially used in the humanities and liberal arts; especially on the research focusing on literature, languages, and culture.


MLA referencing style
4. Chicago referencing style: Chicago style referencing offers two options for citations: basic documentation systems — author-date style and notes-bibliography style.So, one must careful to check which format is required to be used.


Chicago referencing style

  • Before moving on to the next style let us have look at some others dimension, which includes footnotes and bibliography.
  • Footnotes: Footnotes are references to any source of information that appears at the bottom of the page. In this system, referencesare used as numbers in place of citation in the assignment body. It is usually used in Vancouver, OSCOLA and AGLC Referencing style.
  • Bibliography: Bibliography is a list of sources that are listed in the final page of the document and arranged in alphabetical order. It contains numerous details such as author’s name, year of publication etc.

 5. AGLC referencing style: The Australian Guide to Legal Citation (AGLC), published by the Melbourne University Law Review Association in cooperation with the Melbourne Journal of International Law. It is one of the most widely used referencing style for citing legal sources.


AGLC referencing style6. Vancouver referencing style: Vancouver referencingis a numeric referencing style. Here, each source is numbered corresponding to the structure in which it appears in the assignment body. same sources are referred with identical numbering.Vancouver referencing style is mostly used in the medical domain.


6. Vancouver referencing style7. OSCOLA referencing style:

OSCOLA or Oxford Standard for the Citation of Legal Authorities, is a referencing style that incorporates legal sources like statutes, casesand command papers. The In-text citations arranged in footnotes. Here, the punctuation used is minimum, some specific set of rules are to be adhered while using subsequent mentions.


OSCOLA referencing style

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