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Modern Language Association developed the MLA style. It is a referencing style, which is mainly used in the domain of humanities academic writing.

This MLA referencing guide will provide you with relevant details about all the methods used in this referencing style. The MLA referencing style provides a consistent structure for uniformity in any scholarly paper. It is used for a wide range of sources. This MLA guide summarises everything you require to understand to accurately arrange all the citations be it an article, a website, or even a podcast. It also guides you with all the requirements that are necessary for formatting your research paper.

In the Assignment Body

MLA follows an author-page system for in-text citation, e.g. (Stauffer 168), and the details are listed at the bottom of the academic paper.

Referencing an idea

Example: An important portion of romantic novel is the use of emotion in a creative manner (Wordsworth 265; Stauffer 167).


Wordsworth elaborately explained the importance of emotions in the creative manner (265).

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Referencing a Quotation

Example: Romantic novel is described using “instant overflow of extreme feelings” (Wordsworth 265).

In the Reference List, following Methods Are Used

The reference list must be indented and arranged in an alphabetical order.

MLA Referencing Methods

Book (1-3 authors)

Tarlow, John. Ritual, Idea, and the Dead Corpse in Eagerly Modern Ireland and Britain. New York: Oxford University Press, 2012. Print.

Book (4 or more authors)

Cheng, Chaing  Jian, et al. The process is in Turmoil: The Cultural Revolution in China, 1966-76. Vancouver: Oxford Press, 2014. Print.

Book chapter

Sharah, H, et al. Exploring the Complications of Nursing Process and Knowledge. Eds. I. Motley and M Jonas. New York: Rodopi, 2009. 210-26. Print.

Journal Article

Bruce, John W., and Jameel K. Kapoor. “TB: Diagnosis and Treatment.” The Medical hospitals of South America 91.2 (2007): 37-89. Print.

Newspaper Article

Bengnel, D. “Public Schools: Why We Are in Back.” The Bulletin 28 Jan. 1999: 13-16. Print.

Webpage (with author)               

Welsh, N. “Backwards and Working of the Facilities of Urban Health”. 2011. Web. 16 Feb. 2011.<>

Webpage (no author)

“Fort  Rippon.” Yahoo Engineers. 2004. Web 12 Jan.2008.

Social media

MLA Referencing Methods

Why You Need This MLA Referencing Guide?

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We at My Assignment Help OZ have provided you with a detailed guide for the methods used in MLA referencing. Not all of them is required all the time, however, it is important to know about each of them in detail before attempting any academic paper.

There are various referencing tools like Cite This For Me(, Google Scholar (, and many others. These tools are not 100% reliable, as they are neither updated regularly nor do they include all the formats with each and every detail. In some cases, the websites or newspapers articles are to be manually cited in these tools. Therefore, it becomes important to have a good idea about referencing yourself, so that you use it manually or with a tool in a correct manner.


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