CDR or Competency Development Report is the essential document that needs to be prepared by you in order to get approval for working as an engineer in Australia. CDR requires you to submit some academic credentials which include some certificates and some written documents, which examines your creativity and knowledge in your respective field of engineering. The later often tends to complicate the issue for aspiring engineers because of the guidelines that are mandated by Engineer Australia for writing these documents. Therefore, to avoid getting stuck in their CDR, engineers seek assistance from the various available CDR writing services.

Through this write-up, our CDR writing experts have also tried to provide some invaluable inputs that might assist you in either preparing your whole or a part of it. The most basic parameter is to keep yourself updated with all the documents asked in your CDR.

Components of CDR

The following image would help you in listing all the required documents for your complete CDR.

Components Of CDR

One important aspect that needs to be remembered while submitting these documents is to maintain a proper chronological order. The CPD, as well as resume, need to be prepared with an active voice for all relevant details (personal, educational and work-related).

Among all these, only the Career episodes and Summary statements needs to be written in your own words using your creativity, rest everything is purely factual in nature. While preparing these two documents, proper use of English languages and coherent flow of ideas must be ensured. Keeping in mind additional details of the project such as the 3rdsemester, 6thsemester and 8thsemester is also important because these three career episodes are to be written based on them.

The length of the CDR which should not be more than 6000-6800 words (each career episode 1500-1700 & Summary statement 1500-1700) is another important bit of information that is not easily available on the internet.

Therefore, keeping tab of all these while writing a CDR can be a daunting task, if you are writing it for the first time. Even, regular CDR writers can get easily perplexed in all these details. Therefore, it is advisable to seek help from CDR writing experts.

We at My Assignment Help OZ also provide unmatched online CDR writing services to the aspiring engineers and help them convert their CDR attempts into work visas. Let us have a look at how we are different from others.

What Sets Us Apart from Our Peers?

All our experts are Ph.D. qualified, which is the sole reason for such depth of knowledge in their respective subject. Further, their vast experience in CDR writing makes sure that 100% of you CDR are converted into a work visa.

Our quality checking experts, equally qualified, proofread each and every word of your CDR and rectifies it for any discrepancy.

Our Plagiarism checking is fast and advanced, thereby, ensuring zero copied content in your CDR. Moreover, all of these is delivered within the stipulated time-frame.

Therefore, you can avail our CDR writing help services and we guarantee that you would not need to wait for another 11 months to apply again.

Keith Morris

I am a CDR writing expert who has written over a hundred CDRs till date with a success rate of 89%. This is because of my experience with the Engineers Australia. It allows me to write exactly what is needed and expected. These CDRs are considered to be among the best ones that you will ever read.

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