Essay writing is an important component of academic assignment that is usually given to students as a part of assessment mechanism. Academic essay is quite distinct from a normal essay, which we write in general. It follows some definite guidelines and formats. Such requirements often complicate the matter with the students. Hence, students go for expert help from numerous available essay writing services.

Essay writing in universities also tests your ability to understand the subject as well as the topic. This understanding has to be very precise and objective. Hence, it requires in-depth knowledge of the field. Moreover, an academic essay can be of several, each of which will be seen below. Such differences in the types of essay also confuse students, thereby compelling them to get essay writing help.

Types of Essay

As already seen above, different forms of essay give students a hard time, let us have a look at some of them in brief.

Essay Writing Help Australia

  • Response essay – Here the ideas (personal opinions) are presented in the first person. Such opinion should be impartial and plausible complemented with substantial views on the respective field.
  • Reflective essay – Here the primary goal is to explain as well as explore an event/experience.
  • Narrative essay – These essays are usually experiential, anecdotal, and personal that allows the students to reveal themselves in an imaginative and innovative ways.
  • Illustrative essay–Here one need to give specific examples to explain a basic idea. It is one of the most forthright forms of an essay in higher studies.

These different categories of essays are very divergent in nature and therefore requires a deep insight into the structures of each of them. Such detailed knowledge cannot be acquired overnight, rather, it is developed only through years of writing experience, which our essay writing experts possess. So, you can always consult us in case you are stuck in any portion of your essay. We at My Assignment Help OZ have successfully solved numerous essays; samples of some essay types can also be viewed on our website.

How Do We Approach an Essay?

Seeing the sample essays, you must have gauged our unparalleled quality of online essay writing services that we provide. So, it also becomes important for us to explain how we proceed with an essay.

The first step towards any academic assignment is to analyse the question and plan an outline accordingly. Such an outline would continue to guide throughout your essay. Our subject matter specialists who are also Ph.D. in their respective fields of study prepare the outline in their mind.

Once the writing is commenced the format of the essay must always be kept in mind. Such clarity of formats, even though difficult, is quite easy for our experts as they have nearly a decade of experience in writing essays.

The proofreading, which is often neglected by students, scrutinises and rectifies any minor mistake that left out. We do not stop here. Now, our plagiarism-detecting measures come into play, thereby, upholding our pledge of zero-plagiarism.

All these delivered within the stipulated time-frame, which is the most pertinent fear in a student, regarding assignments.


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