Supply chain management courses comprise of a lot of assignment tasks and report writing assessment is one of them. One of the challenges that many students face is in writing their reports according to the format given by the teachers. An online supply chain management assignment help expert can assist you in solving this problem if too are among that crowd. This blog includes a supply chain management report writing example along with a format that is used by a report writing expert and also in the education institutions in Australia. It will give you an idea of how to write a report and tackle any challenges that you could face in the future.

How to Write your Supply Chain Management Report?

As tough as it may seem, but one of the ways to break the barrier and score excellent grades in your report writing assessments is by being familiar with an effective and appropriate format. Our supply chain management report writing assignment help expert shows the correct way to write a report.


  • Title page: full name of writer and the date
  • List of components: mention the headings and subheadings
  • List of tables, figures, and diagrams

Part 2

  • Executive summary: include your core information such as discoveries and suggestions, and more
  • Introduction: talk about the problem topic
  • Main body: use headings and sub-headings

Part 3

  • Conclusion: highly-condensed manner
  • Recommendation: make sure you list a sufficient number of recommendations in your reports
  • References: don’t forget to give credit to people’s hard work

One alternative way to understand how to write a flawless supply chain management report is by taking a look at online report writing samples and solutions. But there are just too many of them on the internet and it could take you hours in finding the one that is complete and reliable. You have to make sure that whichever sample you are taking reference from, it must be verified by an academic expert.

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To make it more convenient for you, here’s a supply chain management report writing example that you can use to test your knowledge and familiarity with the format already given above.

Report Writing Example of Supply Chain Management Assignment

report example for supply chain management assignment

You will choose a multinational business enterprise, for example, Adidas, and check out its annual reports and other reports that you think will be useful for writing the report. Consider only the operations and recall your concepts of the supply chain management course. Here are the tasks that you need to complete:

  1. Introduce the company that you have chosen: the introduction will include the company’s products, its location where it operates, and the nature of subsidiaries that it operates.
  2. Analysis of the company by briefly mentioning the assets that it owns, how it influences the locations where it operates in, and its attitude towards internalisation.
  3. Construct a value chain and demonstrate how you came to it
  4. Demonstrate how the operations impact technology and regulation aspects of globalisation
  5. Lastly, you need to find out the various challenges faced by the company and its workforce.

In this report writing example, you will have to include all the components of a report that are already stated above. The full solution is available with our experts; hence, you may have to contact us to get the solution delivered to your email!

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