A CDR or Competency Demonstration Report simply refers to a mandatory document that engineering enthusiasts have to submit to Engineers Australia (EA) to get employment in this field of work. It is often considered to be a vessel through which these engineers can display their competency level, and on the basis of their capabilities, they receive the work-related visa.

Engineers Australia, commonly shortened to EA, is the only institution that assesses the skills and knowledge of a number of engineers across the world who want to look for an opportunity in Australia. This authority goes through every applicant’s Competency Demonstration Report and on the basis of their quality and experience of the candidate, it is either accepted or rejected. This article is all about understanding the basics of this report, includes some tips, do’s and don’ts in the later sections, and information about the best CDR Writing Services in Australia. It serves as a starter’s guide for either writing his CDR himself or getting it done by an expert. The latter, however, would be more convenient and time-saving.

Main Components of a Competency Demonstration Report

To prepare a competing CDR, an engineer has to prepare three components.

Continuous Professional Development activities

We all know the phrase, “First impression is the last impression”. EA will first look at your CPD, so it has to be written in a clear and structured manner. This component includes a list of all the projects that were undertaken by you after completing your engineering. It is not only limited to just projects but can also include everything that an engineer has learned, such as new skills, techniques, and more. You do not need to add any proof to support the things mentioned in your CPD.

Career Episodes

You must include three career episodes where each one should be of an optimal length of 1500-1800 words. It comprises three projects, out of which, two are theoretical, and the remaining one is a practical or technical project. This component will showcase your growth as an engineer by displaying your understanding and application of knowledge and skills in the chosen discipline. It would state your work approach, roles and responsibilities fulfilled, and your personal contribution to every project undertaken.

Summary Statement

Going by the name, it is a condensed form of all the three career episodes, and also, is the most important part of any CDR. If you are not familiar with the requirements of EA, then it could get tricky and time-consuming for you to draft out this conclusion section.

Common Do’s and Don’ts of writing your CDR

Here are a few things that you must keep in mind when writing a CDR:

  1. Make sure that you know the purpose of writing YOUR CDR as per the EA guidelines.
  2. Provide relevant information throughout the report.
  3. Maintain a consistency in providing only the necessary details.
  4. Write about your own roles, tasks and achievements.
  5. Only show genuine and honest information about yourself.
  6. If required, include proofs to support your information provided.

And here’s the list showing common things to avoid while drafting a CDR:

  1. EA is interested in knowing what your previous employers or teams have achieved. So, do not write about your company or team. This includes your company’s history, market size, competency position, and more.
  2. Avoid including irrelevant information.
  3. Use of active voice is extremely important, so stick to first-person style of writing, especially in career Episodes.
  4. Do not copy materials from other CDRs as you may get rejected if EA finds out that your work is plagiarised.
  5. Since you are writing to Australian engineers, you have to make sure to use accurate Australian language in the entire report.

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