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engineers job in Australia

Australia is a firm supporter of skilled migrants in their country, and this includes engineers from all over the world. So, if you are one of those who is intending to apply for Australian migration, then you need to ascertain the following points as mentioned by Institutions of Engineers Australia (IEA). Authorised posts for engineers in Australia, as nominated in the Skilled Occupations List (SOL) includes 3 categories:

  1. Engineering Associate: An engineering associate generally works within set protocols and applies previously established procedures and practices.
  • To apply for this post, one must have Engineering work experience in accordance to the requirements of General Skilled Migration. Also, a certified license and registration evidence of prior experience has to be produced by the applicant. In addition to that, one needs to show evidence of International English Language testing System (IELTS) assessment or Level 6 for all 4 IELTS categories.

   2. Engineering Technologist: The professionals with this profile are required to modify the established practices, and can modify them for technological advantages for engineering. Generally, an engineering technologist focuses on tweaking the system-integration and interaction processes.

  • Applying for an engineering technologist requires one to have 3 years of Bachelor of engineering technology degree after the schooling period of 12 years.

    3. Professional Engineer: The individual has to apply his technical as well as leadership and management skills to develop new engineering practices while taking into account environmental and social issues. Unlike an associate, a professional engineer has to focus on the overall system contributing to the development of a technology or a project.

  • Similar to the academic qualification requirement of a technologist, applicant requires to have a 4 year bachelor of engineering degree after gaining schooling of 12 years, or equivalent.

Make your Qualifications Recognised

To apply for a work visa as an engineering professional in Australia, one can get recognition for his or her qualifications through 2 pathways:

  1. Competency Demonstration Report (CDR): To work within the Engineering team in Australia, you need to submit CDR to establish your hard-earned engineering knowledge and academic as well as personal competencies as per the requirement of Australian Immigration Assessment.
    You can avail CDR writing services from My Assignment Help OZ. Only chose qualifications that are not accredited by the Washington Accord need to submit a CDR.
  2. The Washington Accord: Australia Institution of Engineers, being one of the signatories of the Washington Accord recognises all the professional engineering degrees. This applies to accreditations conducted by all the participants of the Washington Accord. The accord neither includes lower academic qualification levels for engineering nor postgraduate qualifications.

So, now you know what you are supposed to do to apply for an engineering profession in Australia. In case of any assistance regarding the same, or for our CDR writing services, you can order our services or contact our 24×7 available customer helpline.

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