In the EG264 Computers in engineering assignment sample given below, the student is required to create an end effector bracket for a 6-axis robot. It must be kept in mind that the design should not fail in the service and to make sure that this happens, the concept of design of experiments approach is to be used. It will help in optimising the final product. This blog will give you an idea of how to solve such kinds of assignments an score well without worrying much about the task.

Description of Tasks in EG264 Computers in Engineering Assessment Sample

This EG264 Computers in Engineering Assessment Sample includes the following tasks:

  • Creation of the detailed study
  • Assigning of material properties
  • Defining of the loads and restraints
  • Mesh and test-run the model
  • Finding out the minimum and maximum stress, strain, and the deformation based on the face loading
  • Plot and comparing the identified stresses at the mid-plane of data acquisition

What is Design of Operations?

One of the most common tools used in solving EG264 computers in engineering assignments is DOE or design of operations. This is a computer engineering method that is used by engineers to plan the simulation model. According to the engineering assignment help experts, DOE has three basic objectives:

  1. To allow engineers to acquire data in a controlled way
  2. To obtain information about the behavior of a bracket, and
  3. Identify all the significant factors that may affect the design when it gets impacted by a force

This EG264 computers in engineering assignment sample includes an orthogonal array design table that includes the 16 experiments which will run to identify the low cost, weight, and high-strength design.

How to Score Well in Your EG264 Computers in Engineering Assessments?

The engineering experts who solved this EG264 computers in engineering assignment sample have a vast knowledge of this field. For the last five years, they have consulted and assisted the students pursuing their engineering courses in Australia. These individuals are quite familiar with the type of assignments that students receive during the course. If you need help with SolidWorks assignments, then here are some tips that will allow you draft exceptional-quality of assignments:

  1. A proper introduction of the overall design task
  2. Description of the key features of your design as well as the rationale of the design choices that you will make
  3. Completion of all the sixteen simulation experiments along with the results summary
  4. General arrangement of the optimised design
  5. Strong conclusion that includes the most important points from your assessment

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