Management courses comprise of a range of writing tasks that you may already be aware of. There are many students who consider them as an opportunity to score the top grades in those tasks, such as assignments. One of the most common type is a case study where you need to read the whole case and discuss the questions given at the end. Students often get stuck in answering them as sometimes these case studies are challenging to understand themselves! One way to overcome this problem is to contact none other than an online business management case study assignment help expert and ask him/her to guide you in this task. This individual has all the answers to your queries related to these academic tasks and can help you score excellent grades in this subject as well! Moreover, you can also check the business management case study sample and solution given below and see how it was solved by an online management expert.

Business management case study Assignment Sample: Floral Treats Ltd

  1. Floral is currently a limited liability (Ltd) company. You are required to explain the meaning of limited liability in this context. Also, demonstrate that how does it differ from a sole trader company.
  2. Very soon, Brightstar company will be able to convert itself into a PLC or public limited company. Here, you need to differentiate between a PLC and a Ltd company.
  3. What is the purpose of an audit and explain why the Brightstar should have one.

This business management case study assignment sample has two separate reports of 1500 words each. A few important points to remember here are as follows:

  • Include a completed coversheet
  • Heading page that clearly shows who is it written for along with the date and title
  • The entire solution divided into various headings and sub-sections
  • These sub-sections can include short paragraphs instead of the large blocks of writing
  • An executive summary that can easily describe the main findings of your report
  • A reference list in case you took data from elsewhere

Here is the full solution of this business management case study assessment sample:

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