APA Referencing Guide

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APA stands for American Psychological Association style. It is commonly used for the subjects of the social and behaviouralsciences, for citation of various sources. However, it is also used for various other scientific publications for its editorial efficiency.

This APA referencing guide shall provide you with the standard format for in-text citations as well as the reference page.

There are many different citation styles that are used according to university requirements, discipline, or the professor’s preference. These are quite similar to each other, but not identical, therefore, it becomes essential to have detailed knowledge about all of them.

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In the Assignment Body

APA referencing style follows an author-date style, so you require to position the last name of the author and the publishing date into brackets while citing the source in the text-body.

In the Reference List


APA referencing style

  • Example (Book withSingle author):

John, A. (2008). Following green IT: AnExpert guide.London, UK: IT Governance.

  • Example (Book withTwo authors):

Bruce, D. K., & Tingerin, E. (1989). Communication and language disorders in adults (2nd ed.).Columbus, OP: Metherid.


APA referencing guide

Theses or Dissertations

Example: Guptil, B. P. (2009). Previous knowledge, three teaching methods for metacognition: Central idea and summary of strategies in studying (Doctoral thesis, Oxford University, London). Retrieved from Abc Quest Dissertations & Theses. (AAT 3402136)


APA referencing style

APA referencing style

  • Example (Journal with Single author):

Wordsworth, T. (2017). Ideas-based liberal integration: Lessons submitted from an authority in biology and music. Music learners Journal, 104(5), 42-48. doi: 10.1167/0077432118697004

  • Example (Journal with Two authors)

Kapoor, J., & Joshul, K. (2015). Multi-disciplinary service-reading to increase engineering works and enhance language skills. International Journal of Engineering Education in Works of Engineering, 14(2), 42-62. Retrieved from https://ojs.librarygoods.quernstf.ca/intex.php/ijsle

Why You Need This APA Referencing Guide?

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This detailed guide is essentially provided by our experts at My Assignment Help OZ to provide each of you with elementary knowledge of pattern that must be followed while using APA referencing.It becomes important because most referencing styles similar formats which cannot be distinguished from each other without a detailed study.

There are also many tools that are used for referencing like Google Scholar

(https://scholar.google.com.au/), Cite This For Me (http://www.citethisforme.com), and many more. These specific tools cannot be trusted completely,because they are neither regularly renewed,nor they contain all the formats with relevant descriptions. Usually,newspapers articles or websites needs to be manually cited in these tools as they are unable to cite them automatically. Hence, it becomes mandatory to get a clear idea on each referencing by yourself, so that you can use it manually or even with a tool whenever required in the correct way.


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