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Android is an operating system designed for different devices and gadgets like mobile phones, computer, tablets, and TVs. It was back in 2005, when Google bought Android and has since made Android available for certain mobile phones, tablets, and TV producers. Popular brands like Sony, Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola, etc., as well as, lots of cheaper brands are now producing the devices that utilise the Android operating system. At the time of writing more than 1 billion Android devices have been activated worldwide and around 1.5 million Android devices are activated every day.

Due to this wide application of android operating system, it has escalated the importance of the course of android development. Students are more technical minded nowadays, they are interested in learning the methods of development less through words and more through practical implementation. This is a reason why they repel from writing an assignment. It is more important that the student is well-versed with the concepts of developing android apps. It is acceptable till you are working on some dry or pseudo code, but who on earth likes to write a complete code for assignment work? LEAST of the programmers would. If you are wondering that you aren’t a programmer and still the situation is relatable, you do not have to worry about writing an android assignment. We, at My Assignment Help OZ, are there to provide full-fledged android assignment help to anyone who feels the need.

How Does an Android Assignment Help?

Android development includes the learning of design, construction, and deployment of mobile applications that is particularly focused on Android platform. The subject also covers the areas like MVC design patterns, mobile data management and networking, and mobile GUI designs. Professors emphasise more on the hands-on practical experience with actual devices and emulators. But it is the university that mandates assignment writing which is time-consuming and challenging especially when one is struggling with the concepts. That is why online android assignment experts have come to ease the situation.

Android assignment is the amalgamation of the core concepts and tasks using those concepts that demand your well-informed coding skill. If you think that you are not able to cope up with the lengthy android assignment or if the assignment is complex and you won’t be able to meet the requirements within the given time, then you can reach us out anytime for the help.

Core Concepts Of Android Development:

  • Apps and APK Files
  • Activities
  • Fragments
  • Views and ViewGroups
  • Layout XML Files
  • Intents

APPS AND APK FILES: An Android app is an Android application and this app is packaged in an APK file also called Android application package file. This android application package file contains the compiled Java code and other resources like texts and images for the Android application.

ANDROID ACTIVITIES: An Android activity is a GUI (Graphic user interface) component. In a desktop application, it corresponds roughly to a window. If you open multiple activities, they are stacked on top of each other and you can run these activities as per the activity instructions “back” you have set in the code. Since mobile phone screens are small, activities typically take up the entire screen. One cannot arrange these activities side by side like on desktop windows.

FRAGMENTS: In Android, a fragment is a part of the total user interface. They are used inside activities and therefore to attempt making activity, one must know how to design fragments. Now these fragments typically contain Views and ViewGroups inside them, which are yet another core concept of android development.

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Questions on Layout XML files, Widgets and Intents are also posed to evaluate if the student is capable of creating a ground level android application.

Our Android Assignment Experts Can Help you in Adding Different Tools Such As

  • SDK
  • Android Emulator
  • Eclipse
  • Options menu
  • Activity life cycle
  • Notifications
  • Toas
  • Google maps
  • SQLite database
  • Animation

There are a number of questions that are based on languages that android web services interact with and about the software: Android Studio (Coding for android dev is done here). Languages may include Java, .Net, Python and PHP. Another set of frequently asked questions are based on android animation that includes rotating, flipping, and sliding an image. Some actions are also involved in performing this, they may include event handling, drag and drop, styles and themes, testing, sensors, and more.

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